5G Technology & Connectivity | VR/AR Applications | 5G for Vertical Industry | Smart City | Smart Mobility | Smart Street Furniture

5G Technology and Experience Zone

This exhibition area has been designed to introduce 5G technology and show how it can be applied to various industries. It will feature specialist equipment along with a live demonstration. Visitors will have an opportunity to sample the benefits of high speed and low latency via use of a variety of devices and applications. Exhibits will include smart glasses able to facilitate real-time interactive visual assistance, real-time 360-degree broadcasting and a virtual reality (VR) theater. The concept of naked-eye 3D TV will also be showcased as a likely component of entertainment we can expect in the future.

Smart City

A 5G network will act as a smart city’s nervous system. The future of urban development will be about making a city safe, convenient, comfortable and environment-friendly. Our Smart City Zone will introduce the kind of applications we can expect to see working to enhance city lifestyles. Visitors will get a first-hand impression of the role played by strategically-deployed sensors and Smart Street Furniture such as Smart Kiosk, Smart Recycling Kiosk and Smart Lamp Pole.


Smart Retail I Smart Office I Smart Finance I AI, Robotics, IoT, I Cloud I Data Analytics to accelerate Smart City and the Greater Bay Area development

Technology has become disruptive in the way it is radicalizing the way we live and do business, so the HKT Enterprise Solutions booth will showcase the technologies being harnessed to make these changes possible. Visitors will develop an understanding of 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), data analytics and cloud. We will also showcase end-to-end solutions designed for a variety of industries, as well as smart development of Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area.

Our enterprise customers will also enjoy exclusive admission to a series of seminars on the latest technologies and the role they are playing in digitally transforming the way companies do business and urban planners develop a smart city.


Mobile Payment I Merchant Services and O2O Solutions I Insurance Services I Other Financial Services

Come see our FinTech Experience Zone to explore a comprehensive range of FinTech solutions covering elements of everyday life such as mobile payment, electronic payment for SMEs, O2O solutions and insurance services. Our innovative solutions will show you how to use technology to drive the concept of financial inclusion, while boosting operational efficiency and enhancing the customer experience.


Digital Platform Solutions I Cloud Connectivity I Network & Data Protection I Unified Communications I Security

HKT’s international arm, PCCW Global, takes Hong Kong to the world and vice versa via the Internet and cloud. In fact, this strong team of seasoned professionals brings all the elements together to facilitate global connectivity safely, reliably, efficiently and predictably. The team also works at the heart of the Internet of Things by playing a role in enabling billions of connected devices. PCCW Global will showcase:

1. How Console Connect connects businesses to the cloud
2. IoT Connect, Bridge Alliance
3. Customer Case Studies
4. How PCCW Global extends you to the rest of the world
5. Interactive Global Connectivity Map

Zone A: Cinematic VR Experience

Visitors can be photographed alongside sculptures of key characters from “Game of Thrones”, while an AR experience zone enables you to interact with scenes from the world-famous drama.
Zone A will be closed on Jun 15.

Zone B: Concert Stage

The audience can enjoy 5G technology brought to life by a musical performance.

Zone C: Smart Parking

An IoT platform demonstrates how modern motorists can enjoy a seamless experience that gives rise to business opportunities.

Zone D: 1O1O Lounge

See how 5G technology is applied to processes such as personalized tracking luggage tags.

Zone E: Google - AI for Everyone (AI Duet)

This experiment lets you play a duet with the computer, simply play some notes, and it will respond to your melody. It's an example of how Machine Learning can inspire people to be creative in new ways.

ZONE 5: Revolutionizing Shopping & Leisure Ecosystem

Spectacular rewards program I E-commerce I Travel 3.0

The Zone 5 exhibit is comprised of The Club, Club Like and Club Travel. Going into the 5G era, shopping and entertainment will be vastly different, the zone will demonstrate our spectacular rewards program, revolutionary online marketplace and our all new Travel 3.0.

The Club

Members of The Club only need to log into The Club mobile app to earn Clubpoints on site and instantly redeem fabulous rewards experiencing the Shopping & Leisure Ecosystem.

Club Like

Club Like represents a new era of online shopping platform, providing an O2O experience on site and demonstrating an end-to-end e-commerce and marketing solution on how to bring your store online at Merchant Center experience zone.

Club Travel

Take a tour through sightseeing hotspots at Club Travel’s large-scale virtual reality (VR) theater zone. The tailor-made itineraries by professional travel consultant suited your needs that lead you to experience the new Travel 3.0.


IoT I Gadgets/Application VR/AR I UHD Video Streaming I eSports I Aviation Remote sensors / Actuators

Touch and feel the latest 5G smartphones and other flagship devices from leading manufacturers

1. Explore the Google AI technology; experience the interaction with artificial intelligence
•   Shadow Art
•   Quick Draw
•   AI Duet

2. Internet of things
See the latest smart products for kids, senior citizens and people with special needs. These gadgets promise to make life smarter and easier.

3. eSports Arena
Visit csl’s booth to play popular games such as “PUBG Mobile”, “AOV”, and “Clash Royale” using the most advanced smartphones on our superfast network.


Home automation I Home Wi-Fi I
10G Fiber-to-the-Home broadband# I
Multimedia communications I Internet of Things (IoT) I Artificial intelligence (AI) in health care I Smart charging I Artificial intelligence (AI) programming I Code learning I Smart robotics I STEM + application knowledge

Smart Home

Our Smart Home booth showcases the ideal domestic setting based on technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) concept, in conjunction with a 10G Fiber-to-the-Home broadband# and multimedia communications service.

Visitors will see for themselves how innovative use of smart home technologies and applications make domestic life more convenient, efficient, safe and enjoyable. For example, our guests will witness how a smart home system automatically adjusts lighting, curtains and various appliances after recognizing a face or reacting to bodily movement. An intelligent household system is also able to display customizable sets of information.

A robot will make it way around the booth interacting with visitors and demonstrating how technology can assist householders in everyday life.

Our booth will also feature Hong Kong’s first fully-automated diabetic retinopathy screening platform and portable AI-powered gait analyzer. These exhibits show how AI technology can be applied to facilitate more effective health care.

#10G Fiber-to-the-Home broadband refers to the bandwidth specification.

Smart Classroom

A Smart Classroom booth designed by HKT education will exhibit innovative teaching/learning technologies and applications. Visitors will be able to inspect fascinating projects built and coded by students. For example, they can play a Tic-Tac-Toe game with a robotic arm, or see how a transforming robot navigates a maze. All visitors will be greeted by a device using Google AI’s OCR and voice synthesis to vocalize their names after reading badges being worn.


Events and forums on the implications of 5G technology will be staged here.

Zone G: Google - AI for Everyone

Quick Draw
This is a game built with machine learning. You draw, and a neural network tries to guess what you’re drawing. The more you play with it, the more machine will learn.
Shadow Art
Create shadow puppets of animals with your hands and a TensorFlow machine learning model identifies the creature you are seeking to represent.


Visitors can enjoy the latest VR gaming experience.


A new multi-eSports experience.

* Details of all exhibitions subject to announcements at the venue.